Gardiner's Heart & Soul

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In the City of Gardiner, our community VALUES:

  • Family Friendliness- We value spaces and organizations that are available to residents of all ages and income levels.
  • Education- We value an education system that prepares students for a global environment.
  • Connection to Nature- We value outdoor recreation opportunities, and the preservation of open space.
  • History, Arts, & Culture- We value history while continuing to develop diverse cultural activities for residents of all ages.
  • Strong Local Economy- We value a strong economy that welcomes businesses and entrepreneurs while maintaining the character of the community including the historic downtown.
  • Sense of Community, Sense of Belonging- We value a community where residents are helpful, caring, and respectful of each other.
  • Community Involvement & Volunteerism- We place high value on volunteering and civic involvement.
  • Livability- We value preserving the character of the city while ensuring that residents of all ages and incomes have access to family support systems, transportation, and arts and culture opportunities.
  • Infrastructure/City Services- We value safe, well-maintained roads, sidewalks, schools, and public spaces that are accessible and clean in all seasons.
  • Unique Physical Assets- We value the city’s unique natural and built assets that are at the heart of the community’s identity, and believe they should be available to all residents.
  • Inclusive, Responsive Government- We value open, two way communication

Gardiner is a great community and we want it to stay that way. In the past months, Gardiner residents have begun to collaborate on a community-wide project that describes, applies and upholds our community's heart and soul so that we can adapt to change while maintaining or enhancing the things we value most.

Gardiner Heart and Soul is a collaborative partnership for a radical shift in the community’s involvement in civic life and decision making.  The leaders of the effort wish to give voice to every citizen in Gardiner to develop a broadly-shared vision for the future, and ultimately, policies and plans which shape that future. 

This video, created by Salt Institute graduate Nancy Forsell Augenblick, captures a sample of our collective values and visions.


Gardiner's Heart & Soul has been an ongoing collaborative partnership between The Orton Family FoundationThe City of GardinerThe Gardiner Board of Trade, and Gardiner Main Street. The project began in January, 2012 and is expected to last until 2014.

Here's our roadmap for how we're getting there: