Recognizing Everyday Heroes in Our Community

Do you someone in Gardiner who makes this community a great place to live? Nominate them here!

A Heart and Soulmate of Gardiner award is a token of recognition tailored to the nominated awardee for their outstanding service to the community. These awards acknowledge people who encourage the strengthening of our  community in their daily lives, recognize people as valuable members of the community for a broad range of contributions, and encourage community involvement by spreading good cheer and triggering good deeds

Heart and Soulmates of Gardiner are recognized semi-publicly (depending on recipient’s comfort level).

Nomination sheets are available to the public at City Hall or HSHQ or here on! 

Karen barton receives a Heart and Soulmate award form Veronique Vendette for

Above: Karen Barton (center), manager of Gardiner’s Farmer’s Market, receives a Heart & Soulmate Award for her amazing hard work revitalizing our market!