Gardiner, Maine: The Value of a Professionally Managed, Full-Service Community

The City of Gardiner provides safety, convenience, and a wealth of services to its community and residents, including a professionally managed municipal government, fire and emergency medical services, a full-time police force, student-focused schools, and a host of non-profit and community-based organizations.

For most Gardiner residents the supermarket, downtown shopping district, essential services, and are within walking distance or a short drive from home or work.

Gardiner's emergency services professionals are fully trained, full-time, and able to respond within minutes to any address in the city:

  • Gardiner EMS staff are all Paramedic trained and licensed to administer an extra level of service over volunteer and EMT-trained emergency services.
  • Gardiner’s Police Department provides 24/7 law enforcement and educational resources to the community, including an officer on duty at the Gardiner Area High School.
  • Gardiner’s Fire Department provides 24/7, professional response for businesses and homes in and around the City.
  • Gardiner’s schools are located within the neighborhoods that they serve, and provide student-focused learning and a host of extra-curricular and sports programs.
  • The Gardiner Area Boys and Girls club offers high-quality child care options to the community, including day care for pre-K learners.

For More Information or answers to specific questions, please contact the City of Gardiner: (207) 582-4200 or visit