Gardiner Food Co-op & Cafe (and KLFI)

Gardiner Food Co-op & Cafe (and KLFI)

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The Future Gardiner Food Co-op Storefront

Future home of the Gardiner Food Co-op & Café


The vision for the Gardiner Food Co-op & Café is of a vibrant space owned by the community, dedicated to offering wholesome, fairly-priced food with an emphasis on localorganic, and fair trade.  In addition, there will be a café where friends and neighbors can gather to enjoy a warm soup, do work or brainstorm ways to bring about positive actions in our local community.  To have up-to-date info about our community events, please visit our website or facebook page.

The Gardiner Food Co-op is an initiative of KLFI.  The Co-op is located at 269 Water St just across from Johnson Hall, and opened its doors May 31, 2015.  Please consider becoming a member-owner of Gardiner Food Co-op & Café!  To get more information, visit our website, come to our events (see the community calendar on this website) or join our current local food buying club.  And thank you!

Kennebec Local Food Initiative 

The primary mission of KLFI  is to grow the edible economy in the greater Gardiner area.  To that end, KLFI is committed to fostering a self-sustaining, community-driven and equitable food system that values the wellbeing of people, the planet, and the local economy.

The vision of KLFI is for a vibrant community in which people have access to, are invested in and reap the benefits of locally-produced and healthy foods and in which small farmers and food producers can make a living, thereby preserving Maine’s agricultural heritage.

Making healthy local food more convenient and affordable is good for communities, local economies, Maine’s small farms, and everyone who eats.

Read about the Maine Food Strategy, a multi-stakeholder initiative that “seeks to convene a statewide participatory process that will identify and advance shared goals to support a robust food economy and a thriving natural resource base in our state.”


All of KLFI’s projects and services are geared toward expanding the local market for local food—through education, cooperative bulk buying, and the future establishment of a storefront food Cooperative.

The Online Marketplace is how we currently connect consumers with Maine food.  To learn more about how the Online Market works, to join, volunteer or to learn more about KLFI and local food, please visit our website or email us at (general inquiries), (for the Online Marketplace) or (you guessed it: to volunteer!).

Cross-Pollinations:  When it comes to local food, and supporting the local economy, it’s hard to not overlap and partner with other groups and businesses that are involved in the local food system.  In addition to Crown O’Maine Organic Cooperative and more than a dozen farm-direct vendors, KLFI and the Online Marketplace have partnered, overlapped and connected with

  • All the local businesses who offer discounts to our members through the Local Roots program
  • The Gardiner Farmers’ Market
  • Healthy Communities of the Capital Area
  • Food Corps
  • Cooking Matters
  • The Harlow Gallery
  • Gardiner Main Street
  • Maine Cooperative Extension
  • Faith Christian Church Food Pantry